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Hydromax Long Insert


Hydromax Long Insert

To help you more effectively use our penis pumps, all Bathmate Hydromax and HydroXtreme hydropumps come equipped with a Bathmate Hydromax Long Insert Comfort Pad. This pad makes it easier to attach the Bathmate to your body and start pumping, and are built for long-term durability.


More information about the Hydromax Long Insert

However, over time, any piece of hardware can wear out, particularly when it’s something designed for comfortable bodily usage like this Comfort Pad. We’d recommend using an antibacterial cleansing option like our Bathmate Clean on the pad to prolong its lifespan, but we also offer replacement pads here.

Whether you’re using a Hydromax or HydroXtreme, the Insert Pads have the same dimensions, though you’ll need to specialise what length of pump you want a replacement pad for - choose your option below!

Inserts do not fit the Hydro7 model.