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Hydro Penis Pumps

Finding the best penis pump for you is absolutely essential if you're serious about making gains and improving your sex life. Fortunately, if you're on this page, you're almost there - you've found Bathmate.

Browse our whole collection of penis pumps - from our Hydro, Hydromax, and Hydroxtreme series. No matter your size, we have penis pumps for up to 5 inches, 5-7 inches, 7-9 inches and over 9 inches.

But what makes Bathmate the best choice for penis pumps, what kind of results can they deliver, and how can you find one that really suits you? That's what this page is all about: get ready to make a real change.

Choose a Penis Pump

How to Choose a Penis Pump

When you're looking for a penis pump, there's a few key things to think about:

  1. Safety - Many penis pumps are never tested for safety, with many providing dangerous levels of pressure. Make sure you pick one that's medically tested and certified safe to use.
  2. Results - Obviously, you want to get the absolute most out of your investment when you're dropping cash on anything, particularly when it's something as intimate as a penis pump.
  3. Reviews - There's a huge community of penis pump reviewers out there, who know exactly what results they're getting - make sure you pay attention to the reviews, or you'll risk losing out.
  4. Power - Different penis pumps deliver totally different levels of power. For real gains, you're going to need a really powerful pump - that's just a fact.

If you're looking for an in-depth breakdown on how to choose a penis pump, we have all the information you need.

Here's another fact: Bathmate is the only medical-grade penis pump that promises guaranteed results. If you buy from this store, you're going to be satisfied, or you're going to get your money back. 

Best Bathmate Penis Pumps

That guarantee isn't what makes Bathmate the world's best penis pump - we're able to offer it because our pumps outperform any other option on the market. Bathmate is one of the very few companies that make medically-classified penis pumps, a certification that means all our pumps are fully tested and built to provide a safe level of pressure, preventing any serious injury.

Our more powerful pumps actually give you 100% of the safe pressure level, so you'll get the best gains physically possible. That means quickly increasing gains, building up sexual stamina, enhancing your erections, and making a real improvement for your confidence.

If you know how penis pumps work, you'll expect most of those results, but the last might seem unusual. In fact, the vast majority of people who use effective penis pumps report a real, lasting confidence boost from the first time that they pump. It makes a lot more sense than you might think - penis size and sexual power matter a lot to most people, so using a Bathmate pump provides a huge confidence boost!

So, we make the best penis pumps in the world, and we absolutely guarantee that you'll agree with us once you try a Bathmate. However, one size doesn't fit all, especially when it comes to penis pumps, so we make 12 different pumps, in 3 different models:

Bathmate Hydromax

Available for: 3, 5, 7 & 9 inches

With an incredible 92% of users reporting real results, and over 1 million sold worldwide, Bathmate Hydromax is the world's most popular kind of penis pump, for a very good reason.

Designed for simple, effective use, Hydromax was a huge upgrade from our original series of pumps. After years of intense research, we built Bathmate Hydromax to add 35% more pressure power, while making the pumps more comfortable to use, and adding a redesigned, ultra-convenient valve.

Alongside our million-selling Hydromax7, this series fits just about everyone, working for anyone with an erection size between 1 and 9 inches. Perfect whether you're starting out with penis pumping or looking to take your workout to a new level.

Bathmate HydroXtreme

Available for: 3, 5, 7, 9 & 11 inches

The world's most powerful penis pump. It's really that simple. Bathmate HydroXtreme means that you're reaching the absolute limits of safe pressure. 

Once the pump's attached, you can easily add pressure with the attached handball, making it far easier to control and maximise the level of power your HydroXtreme is delivering. As a luxury pump, HydroXtreme packs in plenty of bonus features, including a free accessory kit in every pump.

We're pretty confident that our HydroXtreme collection will fit you, whatever size you are right now. Our 6 pump models span the entire range of penis sizes, from 1 inch to 11, delivering maximum results at every length. Because of the sheer pressure delivered by HydroXtreme, it's ideal for experienced users - take it gentle if you're just starting out with penis enhancement!

Bathmate Hydro

Available for 7 inches

An improved version of our original Bathmate Hercules hydropump, Bathmate Hydro is an inexpensive, gentle but effective way to start out with penis pumping, quickly building up real gains.

While we only make a Hydro7 (suitable for erections between 5 and 7 inches), this size fits the vast majority of men, with some surveys placing the average penis size at just over 5 inches. With our other Bathmate models delivering far more effective pressure, Hydro7 is best for those who want a simple way to start building gains.

How to Get the Best Penis Pump Results

So, what can you expect when you get started with the world's best penis pumps? It depends on two things - how your body works; and how much effort you're willing to put into your workout.

Penis pumps are basically the same as any kind of exercise. Some people are always going to get better results than others when they do the same work, but you've got to actually do the work to get any kind of gains at all. 

How often to use a penis pump

Unlike a gym routine, though, it takes just 15 minutes a day to get the best out of Bathmate. Just use your pump for 3 five-minute sessions in the bath or shower, and you'll be making a genuine, lasting difference to your size.

Right after you pump, you should notice a visible improvement. These temporary gains are exactly what you need if you're out to impress (it's why a lot of adult film stars use Bathmate just before shooting a scene), but they're not permanent.

By keeping up with a routine for longer, you're going to start making real, lasting improvements. Because different people report different results, we can't give you a gains estimate, but just ask some of our users how much of a difference it's made for them.

Like any workout, if you stop completely, your gains are eventually going to roll back, but even an occasional Bathmate session is usually enough to maintain your increased gains.

On average, our users start to report longer-lasting improvements after about a month of regular workouts. Because of that, we've designed our satisfaction guarantee to let you really see those results for yourself. Once delivered, you'll have 60 days to test your Bathmate - if you're not pleased, we'll give you a full refund. In other words, there's absolutely nothing to lose - and a whole lot of gains to be made.