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Cleaning Brush


Cleaning Brush

Keeping your Bathmate penis pump properly cleaned at all times helps it last longer and stay more hygienic. Given the unconventional dimensions of our hydropumps, it can be hard to clean them using standard sponges, so we’ve built a specialised Bathmate Cleaning Brush to help you keep your Bathmate in top condition.

More Information about the Cleaning Brush

Specifically, the Bathmate Cleaning Brush includes 2 specially designed sponge heads which perfectly fit the hydropump chamber and bellows, along with a handle letting you easily reach the back of your Bathmate unit.

With the handle designed to extend to the length required, the Bathmate Cleaning Brush is suitable for all of our penis pumps, all the way up to our HydroXtreme11, the world’s largest penis pump (although all of our Bathmate HydroXtreme pumps come complete with a full set of accessories).

For a perfect clean, we’d recommend combining this Cleaning brush with our advanced Bathmate Clean, an antibacterial cleaning formula specifically designed for products made by Bathmate, including our penis pumps and our wide range of Better Sex Accessories.