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Whether you’re experiencing premature ejaculation or just want to last longer in bed, Bathmate Control lets you significantly delay orgasm, helping you and your partner have longer-lasting, more pleasurable sex from start to finish.

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Nice Quality Product But Issues Using

So the quality of the device is top notice, great materials, high quality etc. I have difficult getting the suction to stay but could be because of my build? Not sure but going to keep trying different ways.

Missing things

My bathmate order did not came complete.. was missing a bathmate gell that i request with a special offer and it did not came



Happy but disappointed

Happy with the purchase nice device, just wish Bathmate would’ve gotten back to my email. Had emailed to ask if there was going to be Black Friday sale, and after no reply went ahead and purchased and then Black Friday comes around and there is a sale. Also received an email about free control liquid but ended up paying for it after also adding the free warranty, which is a nice warranty but with adding both the free control and warranty believe I was charged for the control which I would’ve have never purchased. Overall easy to use in the shower don’t have access to a bathtub which would be much better as no air would get in the chamber. Wish I would’ve held off honestly and waited for Black Friday and gotten the better version of this device that comes with the pump, as I plan on doing this long term. But for now seems to be a good device and happy with the purchase

Hyrdomax 7

Assumed product would have been electric and actually create self pumping action. I have battery operated unit that’s more effective. Device easily slipped off in shower. Will not be using.

Bathmate Control Gel offers you the ability to control and hold back your ejaculations during sex using transdemal technology and a blend of effective, natural, skin-safe ingredients.

Our revolutionary control gel can give you the confidence and staying power to achieve your best bedroom performance yet - a means of giving you the control to last longer than ever before without numbing the pleasure of you or your partner.

Key features include:

  • Benzocaine and Lidocaine free - our gel doesn’t numb, it controls!
  • Silicone and rubber friendly - safe for sex toys, condoms and Bathmate pumps
  • Results for up to 4 hours after application
  • Helps improve erectile strength, penile health & libido


Along with all of our supplements, Bathmate Control is completely clinically and dermatologically tested, and exclusively uses high-quality, completely safe ingredients. While the effects of some of our ingredients are a trade secret, we’ve picked out some key ones below:

Directions for Use

Using Bathmate Control Gel couldn’t be easier. Simply apply and massage a small drop of Bathmate Control Gel onto the head of the penis and allow to dry. Within 30-60 minutes you’ll start to feel a pleasurable tingly sensation which indicates that Bathmate Control Gel is active and working.

The effects of our gel can last anywhere up to 3-4 hours and as the name implies will provide you with an increased ability to control when you reach the point of ejaculation by ultimately significantly delaying your orgasm and helping you last longer than ever before.

As well as being highly effective, the all natural formulation of Bathmate Control Gel is:

  • Safe to use with sensitive skin
  • Alcohol and perfume free
  • 100% biodegradable

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